Asking for donations again because of income problem

As I can’t afford living in Denmark under the current circumstances due to low income, I am going to need your help (my readers) while I have to live here. But I am going to move back to Iceland in early June. Until that happens I have to make it trough April and May here in Denmark. But I do not know how May is going to turn out, because then the bill for the electric is going to come. I think that it is going to be high as electricity is expensive here in Denmark.

When all bills have been paid this month. I am going to have ~20.000 ISK left. But that is ~123€, ~174$ and ~917 DKK to live off the entire April here in Denmark. But I don’t think that can be done. The current status is a little bit better then what did happen in March. But the difference is not a big one.

Thanks for the support and the help.

Text updated at 15:41 CEST on 1. April 2011. Title updated and minor changes to the text.