New earthquake swarm in Krýsuvík volcano

The quiet time did not last long. But it appears that a new earthquake swarm has started in Krýsuvík volcano. So far this earthquake swarm is just a minor one. But it is hard to know how this develops in the next hours. But it is worth keeping a eye on how this earthquake swarm is going to develop. This earthquake swarm has been in ongoing since 13:13 UTC today (10. Mars 2011), but this is a slow earthquake swarm and does not have had many earthquakes over the past few hours.

Big plan changes for me

While this is completely off-topic I still find it necessary to say this (I will go back to volcanoes and earthquakes in next blog post). There have been some big plan changes to my plans. The biggest change is that I am going to move back to Iceland in August. This is so not what I had planned. But there is nothing that I can do about it as my income does not support living in Denmark for the moment. If remains to be seen if I move too a different country in the future. As of this moment all such plans have been put on a hold for undefined period of time.

I am going to move back to Iceland in August and then go back to school to learn electronics and other fields so I can get a good job or something that gives me the income to support me in setting up geophones and watching volcanoes. It is going to be costly moving to back (~200.000 ISK, ~1.236€, ~1.712$) to Iceland so all support for this is welcomed when the time comes. Until I move back to Iceland I am going to be in Denmark and I hope that I am going to have enough money for food each month and for all that I need to pay for.

Thanks for reading this blog, and thanks for the support and the donations. 🙂