The subscription button

If people are wondering what the subscription button is doing there I have a answer. This blog is not going to charge for a subscriptions and never is going too. This button (because PayPal didn’t offer any other button that I could find) is for people how want to donate ten euros every month to this blog for six months at the time. This blog is going to remain free as it has always been since I did start this blog.

I thank all my readers for the support. Both for the donations and for reading this blog. It makes my work worth doing it.

Frost quakes in Iceland highland

At the moment there is a lot of frost quake activity in the Icelandic highlands. This happens because of the cold weather that is in Iceland at the moment.

Some of the frost quakes have decent quality in the SIL data. But this also creates the problem that it makes harder to see real earthquakes in this if they have also poor quality in the SIL data on the Icelandic Met Office web site. This frost quake activity is going to continue until the ground and the lakes are completely frozen over in the Icelandic highland. Frost quake activity might start elsewhere in Iceland also, if it gets cold enough for this to happen and if the ground supports it also.