Change of my plans (off topic)

This is a off-topic to my normal earthquake and volcano topics here. There have been few others like that before this one and I apology for this off topic.

I have been reviewing my plans in last few days because of my economic situation here in Denmark. I have come down to two plans. My plan is now in two parts and it is as follows. But to make it work I might need some help from my readers how have insight into moving into this area (depends on what area I pick). I also might need some donations for the cost of the moving. But I want to say that I am not used to getting donations. So I am bit hesitant to ask for them. But last time I did so was out of pure emergency that I had in regards to my financial status. It is also in my plans that my next move (expect if to Iceland) is going to be a permanent resettlement to a new place. But I do hope that is not going to change do to some other external effects that cannot control.

Plans in the works.

Plan A: Move back to Iceland if my status does not improve. That is if I don’t get a job in Denmark or the status of the Icelandic Króna does not improve by a margin.

Plan B: Option 1: I move to Spain close the Seville city in Spain. Option 2: I move to Italy. The exact location within Italy would be somewhere close to Etna volcano in Sicily, Italy. I have sent a message to a volcanologist that works in this area and we all know. I hope that he can help me in this matter. But this is going to be a well planned move on my part. I estimate that this going to take at last 6 to 12 months to complete from start to end if everything works out properly (only one plan is going to be selected and finished). But I would have to go to Sicily at least once or twice before I move there. So I would have to travel a bit before I move to there. But I also need to find a good apartment in Sicily, Italy and they can be hard to find in this area far as I know.

This is all going to cost a lot of money (the move it self). I am yet to figure out how to pay for that at this moment. But I have started to work on a plan in regards to that. But it might involve getting a higher debt at my bank, even if I don’t like it. My debt would get higher if I have to move back to Iceland anyway. So I did figure that it would be wise to move south, where the prices are cheaper and it might be a possibly to live a decent live there.

I am considering how to deal with this topic here. I might just keep posting this off topic blog post. Even if I find it worse as it breaks up the volcano and earthquake blog posts here. As I don’t really have any other good place for this information. As I find it important to let my readers know what I am up to, as it effects the blog posts on this site. I also want to point that where ever I go. I am going to setup my geophone in order to record earthquakes in that location, or if I move to Etna. Both earthquakes and harmonic volcano tremor when Etna erupts.

The following plans of mine have been canceled for the moment. Move to Germany to watch the West Eifel Volcanic Field. But sometimes I reactive plans if it fits my plans. It is just the way I work in this matters.

Thanks for the support so far and I am sorry for this off topic. 🙂

Update: I just found out that this won’t get any easier for me. But in time I am going to loose the personal tax discount (Icelandic) in Iceland. That is going to mean a serious drop in income for me. I am going to try and figure out how this is going to work in the long run for me. But this still has not put me off my plan yet. I cannot make any sense of the explanation (icelandic) that they give on there web site. As I am unsure how to interpret what they mean by it.

I am also sorry for all this drama that I am creating with my personal problems by writing about them here.

Post updated at 02:32 CET at 6th of March 2011.

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  1. I was just thinking: You obviously like writing, so why not do some freelance work? I’m sure a local paper would pay a few euros for an article about local geology (or even other topics).

    1. That would be a good option for me. Too bad that I don’t know how to write in danish. But I would be good (I think) in the english media maybe.

      1. I don’t know your educational status, but if you haven’t already gone, you could try to get into a graduate school. Many of these schools pay you to teach, at least here in the United States. You’ll do plenty of writing, and you may have quite a few field trips!

  2. Personally I didn’t find Italy cheap at all while travelling? For eg from Catania airport to Catania the taxi can cost 30 euro for a 2km trip. Go to Holland and take a much longer trip from the airport to Amsterdam for just a few euro. Southern Europe is quiet expensive as there is no tax infrastructure.

    If you want cheap, go to South America! Just came back, and it’s super cheap and heaps of volcanoes 😛 Better then Spain.

    Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, all amazing volcanically…

    1. If I where to go there I would need a steady income from something. As I don’t get any welfare from Iceland if I move to those countries. But the welfare is quite small in Iceland.

      I also have to get a work permit and so on if I move there. It is just not simple enough to just register into the country first.

  3. Moving to spain isn’t that good either al lot of people are leavind spain because there’s no work and they move somewhere else to get a job and a income.
    In denmark you can only wordk when you speak danisch thats for sure.

    I think that indeed you must try to earn money with writing, or get advertisement on these pages you write here, thats a way of getting an income no matter where you live.
    I think a lot of people who read your blog will make clicks on your advertisement for you to get an income.

  4. Well Jon, I understand you are under a lot of preassure. One problem when moving to another country is the language in the new country. As I understand it Icelandic kids are taught Danish in school, in that aspect you are in a good place since you probably know a bit of the language. You need a job, I would suggest the nearest McDonalds restuarant or other fast food place, petrol station or similar unless you have a qualified education in something useful.

    A close relative of mine moved to Germany a few years back pretty much without anything else but the will to live in Germany, he had a small income of EUR 500 per month and moved in with some weird people in some old industrial building. He struggled for a year, moved around cheap places and finally started his own business. He is now fine, I’m not saying he is well off, but he has a place of his own and lots of work. Finding new ways, friends etc in a new country takes a long time, you have to be patient.

    Italy or Spain sounds difficult, Italy I know since I used to live there. It’s expensive, people are not particularly open to people from other countries and you need to speak Italian. Spain is in a depression and I don’t think there are any jobs to be found, and in Spain you need the language too if you want to become accepted.

    I don’t mean to put you down, I wish you the best. But you need to plan ahead and be prepared for the worst. Perhaps there are ways to earn money on the Internet, look around.

    I enjoy your earthquake blog, I hope to visit Iceland next year!

    1. AK, This I know. But as this plan is two folded one of the two options are going to be carried out soon. But I am going to know by April or May exactly what I do.

      Then there is also the option that I stay in Denmark if I get a job. But I think that Germany is out of the picture for now anyway.

  5. Það eru samsköttunarreglur milli norðurlandanna, detti eitthvað niður hér, áttu sama rétt og innlendir á norðurlöndunum, þess vegna skil ég ekki hvers vegna þú ert að hugsa um að flytja sunnar því þetta gildir líka um sjúkrahúsvist ef maður er svo óheppinn. Ertu búinn að skoða þetta allt vandlega?

    Just telling Jon that there are special rules in effect between the nordic countries, he should check everything carefully out before he even thinks of moving.

  6. Hi Jón –

    As a teacher, the one thing I would advise you to do would be to finish your education before you launch into a major job search or move to another country. I have seen many of my students interrupt their education for various good reasons, and then end up in low paying dead-end jobs that make them miserable. If you move to southern Europe, you will be expending a lot of time and energy just learning the language and adjusting to a very different culture. And until you are fluent in both the language and culture you will not have good marketable job skills.

    So in my opinion, even if you need to stay in Denmark or return to Iceland for awhile if it is easier to finish your education there, it will pay off later in your job satisfaction and quality of life. Once you have all of your diplomas you will be in a much better position to find a good paying job in your chosen field.

    1. I wanted to finish my education in Denmark. Due to costs in Iceland that have been keep going up. But given the current status of thing, and how the Icelandic Króna is still getting lower (slowly). I think that I am going to have return to Iceland soon if I don’t get a job in Denmark soon.

      I am at least planning for that just in case. But then I am going to finish my studies in Iceland not Denmark.

      But in the mean time I might need a support from my readers in a form of a donations (so I can pay for the internet, electricity so they don’t close that for me). But I am always and I am always going to be tankful for donations that I get. It doesn’t matter how small they are.

  7. Jon
    I have tried to send you an email with a variety of training documents relating to monetisation of blogs using the email address in your contact form (minus the dots), but it has bounced back. If you want this stuff, please email me.

    1. JulesP, The email bounces back because you have not bypassed the spam protection that I have setup on this blog in regards to the email addresses. When you go to contact, press the envelope and enter in the captcha protection to get the full email address.

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