Earthquake activity continues in Krýsuvík volcano, but at slower rate

At the current time earthquake activity in Krýsuvík volcano has slowed (when this is written) considerable down. But the earthquake activity has not stopped, even if it has slowed down considerable down. What is also interesting are the news about increased hydrothermal activity in Iceland (see older blog post for information on that). This lack of quiet time is interesting and gives the clues into that direction that inflow of magma might be constant. But might have slowed down as the earthquake swarm did slow down. It is interesting to notice that slowdown and few earthquakes where also common in the weeks before the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

This activity in Krýsuvík volcano has gone out in the Icelandic media fast. But there have been the common questions if this area is about have a eruption. But at current time the general agreement is that nobody is sure about it.

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  1. The fact earthquakes seem to be moving almost in a linear feature..and getting closer to the that of interest? or is it part of the collection/science,needing to be reviewed and corrected?

    1. Do you have data that shows the earthquakes are moving closer to the surface? From what I’ve seen (Lurking’s plots and my own analysis) they are focused around 4-6km deep recently.

    2. According to reviewed Icelandic Met Office data there is a focus point of earthquakes at 5 km depth. The earthquakes don’t appear to be a lot higher then that at the moment.

      The settings in Krýsuvík volcano are different then the ones in Eyjafjallajökull volcano.

      1. then it must have been a really heavy storm indeed : ) the change in strain was above changes i’ve withnessed so far.

      2. The wind was up to 20m/s south-east Iceland. I do not know what it was exactly in Hekla area. But given the output from my geophone in that area. It was a lot.

  2. Jón – or anyone else – do you know if the IMO publish the seismometer data other than the graphs? I am looking for the numerical data or particularly the data from the past older than 10 days.

    I mean the data they use to generate graphs such as this one.

  3. The latest earthquakes on Reykjanes ridge look like a kettle starting to boil.

    1. The upligt is quite remarkable but so is the North / East movement. Not as much but a clear trend that the area is bulging.

      1. The movement to the east makes sense: The GPS-station is located south of the lake. Most of the quakes happened west of the lake, so if magma pushes up west of the lake (and the GPS sensor), than we can expect movement to the east.

  4. OT: just wondering if those are a couple of little harmonic tremors in the Grimsfjall tremor plot? I’m probably wrong, but I’m trying to learn enough to keep up with you folks!

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