Having income problems, asking for donations with reluctance

As many of you know I have been running for a donations to buy a computer LCD screen. That did work out and I want to thank you all for that. But I want to use the money that was donated for what they are intended. So the donations for a new PC monitor go into that and into buying a table.

But this month after all the bills are paid I am left with nothing to buy food with. I got some money on my VISA card. But that is a bad path to go into. I already know that by experience.

As I find it honest to people how donate money to me. My income is as follows. This is converted from ISK to USD, EUR and DKK. This numbers are also public at tr.is web site, as I am on social benefits (fixed income).

All numbers are approximate and subject to exchange rate of ISK.
ISK: 139.000
USD: 1.197,45
DKK: 6.445,63
EUR: 864,64

I can provide a screen-shot of my bank-account numbers if asked for. Just email me if you require that. But as I sad. This numbers are public as this is the social welfare in Iceland.

In the absolute worst case I move back to Iceland for a few short years while the worst of the economic recession is over in Iceland and then I move to Germany. I will see how this develops over the course of March, April and May (maybe). I have a plan D and E that I am describing above.

I thank you for all your support. Both the one that has been given and the one that has yet to be given.

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  1. Sorry, no can do – my income is €542,-, which leaves absolutely nothing but deeper in debt.

  2. Can’t afford much as I’m self-employed and things are tight here but have donated something to you as I enjoy reading the blog.

    1. Thanks for the support! Being self-employed leaves one in a tight spot on this bad economic times. So I fully understand you say that things are tight.

  3. Jón: You don’t have to prove anything. I will have to see, whats left for the month and then send you something.

  4. I donated just before you put this up. I can’t afford any more yet, but maybe next month I might afford to donate again. I will have to see how things go.

  5. Jón:
    You caught me in the tough months (summer holidays).
    I put a little amount into your Paypal account, not much, but I hope the others can add up to mine.
    One advise: beware the credit cards!
    I hope you may find a way to get by in this early period after having moved.

    1. Thanks for the support! I hope that I don’t have to move to Iceland. But if I have to I am going to do so.

      I have started backup plans in that direction. But they might not be completed even if I start them.

  6. Jón:
    Don’t worry. From my own experience, every time I have moved, things appeared to get a bit out of control, but in time they settle down.
    All you need is some patience for the time being.
    And if it is the case, move back to your country. It is your language, your people.
    And you can always get some holidays when nights get too long…
    Wish you luck!

    1. Thanks for the advice Renato Rio. I am going to see how this goes. Even if I start something I might not have to act on it. But I am going to see how this goes. I did apply for a apartment in Iceland at Sauðárkrókur, but just as a backup plan. If this works out in Denmark I am just going to withdraw my application in Sauðárkrókur if I get a apartment there.

      I got pointed out to this in Denmark. I am going to apply for it and see how it goes.


      If I get into this. It it is going to save my coming months.

  7. Jón, I have contributed a tiny bit because I know all too well how life is when the level of cash is low – especially when I had to feed a family. This is a tough time everywhere it seems, here in Italy we’re having a prime minister who has no clues about what to do with all the money, and on the other side there are severe budget cuts in the health, education, and research sectors. When I moved to Sicily about 15 years ago, I should have received a grant for my PhD, but for administrative reasons the start of the program was delayed by one year and for one year I really had to struggle for survival. So I do absolutely know what your situation must be like. I wish you that it will soon improve.

    1. Thanks for the support Boris. In the worst case I just move back to Iceland and finish my education there. But not in Denmark. I will see how this goes.

      But I am going to move to Germany. But the question might be how extra time it might take if I have to move back to Iceland. We will see.

      I am going to post update on Krýsvík volcano today a bit later on.

  8. aw Jon…
    as others have written, I also know what it is like when there is more days than money in a month. ( being a single mom with two teenager kids).
    That doesn’t help you in your budget, but maybe knowing that you are not alone gives some support.

    I would like to thank you again for this blog and your work. Under the cicumstances, I don’t know if I would be able to keep this going.

  9. I also want to let people know that I hope that the worst is over. But I might just make April without much problems (I am cutting down spending as I can in apartment bills).

    But I just have to wait and see how this goes.

  10. You are indeed not alone Jón, I am on a widow allowance, 685 Euro monthly.
    My only luxury is the internet.
    Whenever I have to buy a book I most certainly wil do this via your website.
    Best of luck!

    1. Anne, Thanks for the support! It is a support when you buy a book from Amazon with my web site. Even if I don’t get it right away. It all counts slowly up to $100 (€100, CN$100, 100 pund) (payout number at Amazon that I did set).

      Being on low income is not fun at all.

  11. Just sent some money – go on treat yourself, it’s Icelandic Beer Day (at least for another 90 minutes)


      1. I know a way you can make some decent money with your skills and unique position by offering a service that would involve a small investment of your time and efforts along the lines of your current skills. Some might consider this service very resourceful, other might say it is outright tawdry so I actually hesitate to suggest it, but there are MANY people out there that would definately consider it a very “valuable” service.

        I have only thought of this off the top of my head so I would not be surprised at all if it falls dead in the water. However, I think there are probably offshoots of this idea that would be more “palatable” and profitable.

        Contact me via email at my email address.

  12. Jon – the best help I can be is to help you earn better revenues from your blogs. Please email me and I can send you a range of ‘how to’ reports that you can execute in an hour or two a day and achieve significant results. WordPress has a range of free plugins that could help you, and I can provide a list, but most of all you should match your Amazon offers closely to the search terms of people landing on your sites – you will do far better in terms of revenue generators. Keep offers relevant to volcanoes, geology and iceland (downloadable books) and search for affiliate programs relating to Iceland tourism eg. holiday packages, flights. A 5% commission on a single family trip to iceland would keep you fed for a few weeks!

    I am happy to help in this way, if you wish, but the ball is in your court.

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