Having income problems, asking for donations with reluctance

As many of you know I have been running for a donations to buy a computer LCD screen. That did work out and I want to thank you all for that. But I want to use the money that was donated for what they are intended. So the donations for a new PC monitor go into that and into buying a table.

But this month after all the bills are paid I am left with nothing to buy food with. I got some money on my VISA card. But that is a bad path to go into. I already know that by experience.

As I find it honest to people how donate money to me. My income is as follows. This is converted from ISK to USD, EUR and DKK. This numbers are also public at tr.is web site, as I am on social benefits (fixed income).

All numbers are approximate and subject to exchange rate of ISK.
ISK: 139.000
USD: 1.197,45
DKK: 6.445,63
EUR: 864,64

I can provide a screen-shot of my bank-account numbers if asked for. Just email me if you require that. But as I sad. This numbers are public as this is the social welfare in Iceland.

In the absolute worst case I move back to Iceland for a few short years while the worst of the economic recession is over in Iceland and then I move to Germany. I will see how this develops over the course of March, April and May (maybe). I have a plan D and E that I am describing above.

I thank you for all your support. Both the one that has been given and the one that has yet to be given.