New earthquake swarm in Hengill volcano

A new earthquake swarm has started in Hengill volcano. This earthquake swarm is in the same location as a earthquake swarm that took place there few weeks ago (see here).

So far this earthquake swarm has mostly been made out of small earthquakes. But all earthquakes are below ML2.0 in size so far.

It is unclear why this earthquake swarm is taking place. But the reason might be that the geothermal power plant that is in the area is pumping down or up ground water.

10 Replies to “New earthquake swarm in Hengill volcano”

  1. I would actually guess no about the water-pumping judging from the depth of the quakes. The boreholes they are running water through doesn’t go even close to that depth.
    My guess is that there has been new fracturing that leads down to the 1994-98 magma injection at the Hromundartindur/Hengill intersection. Possibly with a new injection sequence. But without any GPS-plot for the place… *crying*

    *Looking pleadingly in the direction of a certain one-time poster that knows all about icelandic gps:es*

    1. Agree with Carl even if he gets too much müsli sometime, these are significant quakes

      1. Hm, miffed after I corrected you about the frost-quakes?
        I do after all try to be very specific about when I am just creating idle ideas out of my field, and when I talk as an expert in my field.

    1. I was referring to the time that is both positive and negative part of the scale, I see that the scale was in those times plus or minus 4.

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