Continued quiet time in earthquakes and volcanoes

It seems that the quiet time continues in Iceland. Besides small earthquakes swarms in Pesthnjúkar volcano and small earthquake swarm in Hengill volcano, there was also a earthquake swarm in Bárðarbunga volcano that did get into the world press. Other then this it has been quiet and no volcanoes have been showing signs of starting a eruption soon.

It is all quiet in Iceland, so not a lot of activity updates coming from me at the moment. But I hope to write soon a information post about one of Iceland volcanoes or earthquakes zones to pass the time.

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  1. Jón, I think PayPal worked just fine to me.
    They have even given the exchange rate and everything written in Portuguese!
    It is just a little push to whom we devote great admiration.
    I wish you all the luck in your new home and work.

  2. The earthquake activity around Grímsfjall volcano is getting really interesting I must say. I find it worth to keep an eye out for what is going on there, even if it is just one or two earthquakes every three or more days.

      1. The scale resets after the largest “twitch” and when the twitches are small everything starts to look immense.
        The big transient last week was +/-25 nm/s, then the “problem” was that everything else looked like it was at a standstill.

  3. Looks like a new earthquake swarm is starting close to Hengill volcano.. Same place as last small swarm


    1. Yes, hard fast little swarm ranging from 0,5-1,9M between 1,7-6,0km. I would guess that it is a bunch of steam explosions from water hitting a new warm area at the Hromundartindur/Hengill intersect.
      I would really like to see a gps-plot of the area… *sniffle*

      Since Hengill is pretty close to Reykjavik (relatively at least), known to have had very large eruptions, and is one of the main sources of power their is probably one there already, but I cannot find it.

      For those who are unfamiliar with Hengill. It is the volcano in Iceland that has had the largest eruptions after the Ice-age in Iceland. But, it has been slowing down and the last of the really large eruptions was 3700 years ago with only two mid-sized eruptions after that. But… and it is a big but, it had nine 7 large, and 2 larger than Laki eruptions since the Iceage.
      What do I mean with large? In this case I am looking at the ejecta-volume only. No VEI-numbers are known for the eruptions. It has before had hawaiian to krafla-fire style eruptions with fast moving fluid lava, or lava-fountains. If that is the eruption type (if it erupts) the only danger would be gasses. But, it is a wet area with a lot of water in the ground, and with a large lake that the volcano runs through, if that water gets involved it might get messy with phreatic explosions and a lot of tuff ejected.

      Status of the volcano:
      Has had a long period of inflation that started 1994, indicating possible injection of magma at the root level of the volcano, recent quake-swarms, but no increase in tremoring levels. The unusual and high level of activity at the Hella strainmeter borehole might be a sign of increased pressure in the depth due to mountain movement at the southern parts of Hengill as it interconnects with the Hromundartindur volcano (the current center of activity and center of inflation).

      The third of the volcanos in the Hengill system is Grensdalur/Hveragardi, a quaint rather comatose volcano.

      I would prefer if it was the Hromundartindur that erupted since that would probably be a smaller eruption of the Hengill system, but most importantly it would be high humor to hear any american newscaster trying to pronounce Hromundartindur 🙂

      1. “… most importantly it would be high humor to hear any american newscaster trying to pronounce Hromundartindur…”

        Yeah yeah yeah… and “Vodka Bob” Solarski, one of our local commentators has been dry ever since he got busted for pushing shopping carts around the parking lot with his car. I too would enjoy seeing the tongue twisters on the news.

        But.. don’t let the US news anchors fool you with their language ineptitude… some of them can actually maintain a straight face.

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