Shortage on updates while moving and other things

In the next few days or weeks there is going to be a shortage of updates on this web page. This is because I am moving to a different country and I might not always be connected to the internet (and I might have a lack of internet connection in Denmark) when something happens in Iceland. I also might be traveling when something interesting takes place in Iceland.

I am going to do my best update on events in Iceland in the case something happens. But I am sure that something is going to happen while I am mostly offline in this transit of mine.

If anything happen, please post information on that in the comments. They are going to remain open for the next 30 days as is the default rule on this blog.

With my move to Europe I am also considering starting to cover volcanoes in Europe as well, as any major earthquake that happens in Europe. As that is also not done far as I know. But other sites that cover this topic are global. But I am considering going more regional (Europe) instead of being just local to Iceland. But I feel that there are enough global volcano web sites out there. So it is not in my plans to go global. But I have few problems, for instance on how to cover Russia. A country in Europe, but also has borders in Asia and to the U.S. But I am sure that I am going to be done figuring out this problem when I am properly connected to the internet again in Denmark (but I don’t know how long that is going to take).

Ads info.

I am considering adding the other Amazon stores to this web site. But that might take some doing due to hard languages in question (Japanese, Chinese, Italian, French etc..). But at the moment this is just on the consideration stage for the moment. At the moment the store is slow according to my counter. But I am sure that traffic is going to pick up in coming weeks. At least I hope so.

Any comments and suggestions on this are welcomed!