Wave form picture of the ML2.5 earthquake in the South Icelandic Seismic Zone (SISZ)

Here is a wave form picture of the ML2.5 earthquake that took place west of Hekla volcano. This earthquake is part of the the SISZ. Not Hekla volcano. But it remains to be seen if this is related to Hekla volcano, but Hekla volcano location appears to have some effect on SISZ. Normally during or after a eruption in Hekla volcano it is followed by a small swarms of earthquakes in SISZ. In the year 1878 there was a eruption in Hekla volcano that was pre-seeded by large earthquakes in SISZ. The eruption that followed was a fissure eruption near a peak named Krakatindur. This area also erupted in the year 1913, but that time on two new fissures.

The wave form data. This picture is released under CC licence, see the legal section for more information.

I was going to setup the location and distance data. But IMO has not released that data at present time.

Historical accounts of Hekla eruptions (Icelandic). GVP information on Hekla volcano.

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    1. http://hraun.vedur.is/ja/hekla2009/
      Haukadalur and Isakot. 🙂
      But Jón, as we all know Hekla is almost completely a-seismic before an eruption, we get very few signals of an impending eruption untill 30 mins before the eruption itself. Is this the same for GPS data? Does Hekla inflate significantly before it erupts?

    2. Hekla volcano might be a quiet volcano earthquake wise. But there is a question if Hekla has any effects on nearby SISZ. There are clues in that direction. But far as I know it isn’t anything concrete in terms of proof.

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    1. They are used to earthquakes there. Most earthquakes in Britain occur in that area, except the ones which they call earthquakes, but which are really shaking from coal mine collapses. There are a few in Wales and odd ones elesewhere, but the vast majority are in the area of this one reported on BBC.

      For UK earthquakes, see:-


      Which is only updated once per day. The recent events tab displays a map i.e.


      The highlands ones are all tectonic. No chance of a volcano in Britain as they are all extinct here.

  2. Nevada Quake Storm at edge of Volcano Cone

    “Site Name Aurora-Bodie Volcanic Field

    Highway 359 is south of the Aurora-Bodie volcanic field. The Old Bodie Road from Highway 359 south of Hawthorne NV enters the heart of the area.

    The Aurora-Bodie volcanic field occurs east-northeast of Mono Lake, between the Sierra Nevada and the Great Basin. Calc-alkaline andesite, dacite and trachyandesite lavas, breccias and ashflow tuffs, dated 15 to 8 million years ago, underlie a tighter concentration of younger alkaline-calcic cinder cones and flows. The older volcanics cover approximately 80 square kilometers with a volume of approximately 35 cubic kilometers. Andesite domes and flows, 4.5 to 2 million years in age, occur at Cedar Hill and other areas in the field, and Pleistocene to late Holocene basaltic rocks forming well-preserved cinder cones and flows cover approximately 100 square kilometers. The probable late Pleistocene age Mud Springs volcano consists of a steep-fronted bulbous flow surrounding a depressed vent area, and a 7-kilometer-long ridged flow, together creating a remarkably distinctive landform. Although trees cover the flows, partially accounting for their dark color, the volcano is clearly one of the freshest in the Aurora-Bodie field.

    Aurora Crater, approximately 12 kilometers west of Mud Springs volcano, is a 1.7-kilometer-wide breached crater of approximately 250,000 years, totally surrounded by lava flows, with an estimated total volume of 2 cubic kilometers. Many of the volcanoes are cut by faults, and Pleistocene basalt has been warped as well. The topography of the entire area has been softened by ash probably erupted by the younger Mono Craters to the southwest. Gold and silver found in quartz veins in the Miocene (but not younger) volcanic rocks were mined until about 1950, and only the ghost towns of Bodie, California, and Aurora, Nevada, remain. (From: Wood and Kienle, 1990)”

    Click the following link. It comes up with an interactive map of the recent quakes in Nevada, if it is still focused on the recent Hawthorne quakes, then click on satellite view and zoom in a couple of times. You will see the quakes are hugging the cone of a volcano. If the recent quake is showing some place else, zoom out until you see the recent swarm in red and then move the map over by clicking and hold down the mouse key, them pull the swarm into the center of the map, then follow the steps above. It is worth the effort.


    1. I don’t think there is such a thing as a quake storm. I have seen this phrase in the media. There are earthquake swarms, and they do happen all the time and often they are just tectonic in nature.

      Do you know how many earthquake took place there ?

      1. Looks like quite a few… but wouldn’t you know it, they all fall slap dab in Walker Lane. Judging from the linked map they appear to be on a ENE – WSW line.


        I found out about Walker Lane in Global Tectonics 3rd Ed. It’s part of the Basin and Range extensional feature.

        From Wikipedia:

        The Walker Lane is a geologic trough roughly aligned with the California/Nevada border southward to where Death Valley intersects the Garlock Fault, a major left-lateral strike-slip fault. The north-northwest end of the Walker Lane is between Pyramid Lake in Nevada and California’s Mount Lassen[1][2] where the Honey Lake Fault meets the transverse tectonic zone forming the southern boundary of the Modoc Plateau and Columbia Plateau provinces. The Walker Lane takes up 15 to 25 percent of the boundary motion between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate


      2. Quick plot of the quakes in question:


        I’m gonna vote tectonic.

        Sure the whole region has a rather shallow crust due to extensional thinning (thinner that normal continental crust) and it occasionally (geologic time) has a rupture and leaking of magma, but this doesn’t seem to the the case… at least from a quake point of view.

      3. Note: I followed the “zoom out zoom in” instructions, but the closest I could find to anything looking like a swarm (what is a quake quake storm?) were the Hawthorn quakes.

        Latitude and Longitude are your friend.

        Here’s an overview of the area. I marked my previous plot on it.


      1. Actually, Rosa May was Bodie’s most famous, popular and well loved hooker. Several books were written about her tragic life which ended around 1911-12 from illness while caring for sick miners during a pneumonia outbreak, essentially sacrificing her life for them.

        Bodies ‘biodgraphy’ reads like a long saga of greed, violence, death, lawless abandon and revelry, no doubt arising from sudden riches and the feverish growth of the town that saw thousands of young eager, greedy men flocking to it.

        In summary, at its peak, Bodie had 65 saloons and one lonely church and long, long list of murder and violence. The Reverend F.M. Warrington saw it in 1881 as “a sea of sin, lashed by the tempests of lust and passion.”

        Bodie is a fascinating look into what happens when people are consumed by lust and thereby loose themselves in it.

        Excerps from: http://www.worldsstrangest.com/mental-floss/the-last-best-ghost-town-bodie-california/

  3. Luxury Hotel to Rise near Hekla Volcano

    The construction of a 5,000-square-meter four-star luxury hotel with 60 rooms, six suites and a view of Hekla volcano from every room will begin at Leirubakki in the Landsveit rural district in south Iceland this year. The hotel is scheduled to open in the spring of 2012.The limited company Hótel Leirubakki ehf. under the lead of Anders Hansen, who already runs a hotel at Leirubakki, is responsible for the hotel’s construction, in addition to investors from Sweden, Norway and Iceland, Morgunbladid reports.

    “We began working on this project in the autumn of 2008,” said Hansen, who believes the hotel will be fully booked from day one.

    “A hotel is needed here. All estimates indicate that one million tourists will come to Iceland in a few years—up from half a million now—and it is clear that the current accommodation cannot serve any more tourists than come here already,” he reasoned.

    The hotel will be a two-storey timber building with a concrete basement. The project is estimated to cost around ISK 2 billion (USD 17 million, EUR 13 million) and part of the construction will be undertaken abroad.

    “But most of the work will be done at home and 30-40 jobs will be created during the construction period and the same amount of permanent jobs,” Hansen stated.

    In relation to the hotel’s construction, recreation for tourists at Leirubakki will be significantly increased and the building will also be connected with the Hekla Center.

    “We plan to offer a varied selection of recreation so people will have plenty to do and stay longer at the hotel,” Hansen said, mentioning guided tours around the area, helicopter tours, horseback riding, ski-doo trips and hikes as examples.

    Booking will begin in the spring of 2011 or as soon as a final decision has been made on the day of opening.


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