People feelings about the advertisements ?

As a web site owner. I want to know what my readers feel about the advertisement plan that I am putting up here.

The reason that I ask is because I think critical and I want to know if this annoys anyone or not, or if that I am going to far with this or not. My plan from the start has been that to keep the advertisement integrated into the blog so it doesn’t annoy my readers in any way. I also want criticism if there is one on this plan that I have.

I just got approved for Amazon Deutschland (DE) Associates program. So I have started to add some small advertisement from them too on to the blog sidebar. I am going to setup the aStore tomorrow if I have the time.

I also want to thank people for the support and for reading my blog. 🙂

(I also use the quiet time for this, as there is nothing happening in earthquakes and volcanoes in Iceland at the moment)

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  1. Amazon is as good as anything, Jón F., if you need to advertise; lots of knowledge to be found there especially if you can target what you offer in your ‘store’ to the subject at hand. (Add a variety of Icelandic music/books about Iceland :p) This blog is about spreading knowledge, and if you can also gather a few coins together to support your research so that you can continue the good contributions, I have no complaints…

    1. I’d like to see more Icelandic products: Music, art, books (incl. travel guides), etc. too!

  2. Jon,
    The advertising is very acceptable as it is now. If this helps you fund your good work, then a small price to pay. As long as advertisers are not given user info and can target individual email addresses or the advertising tends to dominate the blog page, I do not have a problem. Good work.

    1. My rule in regards to advertising is that if they do such thing then they get deleted. Because of that I have refused to start using few, and I have already removed one because of bad information that I found on them. They where not being honest in my opinion.

      So I have strict rules when it comes to what type of advertising I have on my site. All types of spam and pop-up is banned from my sites forever.

      The Amazon privacy policy is here in English. It is at the bottom of the advertisement in each ad.

  3. The advertising here is great, its not bothersome sound bites breaking through my speakers and if I want to click on it I will, I personally think its fine..I come here for the knowledge, unless porn ads start popping up then I’m just kidding.. great site, nothing wrong with the advertisements you’ve got going..

    1. With the crowd in here what counts as porn would be wildly different than what the rest of the planet labels “porn”.

      I think most of us get our kicks from Lurkings exciting and drool-worthy plots 😉

      1. Why are You surprised, Rio?
        i enjoy Lurkings plots….
        they really give me an idea of what’s happening
        or are You shocked that i would have said “Amen.” ?? do You know what sfo stands for?

  4. Jón,

    no problem with the advertising. I guess almost everyone who visits your blog also goes to other websites that carry a lot more (and at times more intrusive) advertising. Therefore, don’t worry. Keep up the good work with Icelandic earthquake and volcano activity and we’ll keep stopping by…

  5. No problem, Jon. Everyone eventually needs something from Amazon and it helps the cause. Good luck making a ton of cash!!

  6. Advertising as it is is okay, Jon. I mostly buy from Amazon in any case, so I’m happy you could get as well.
    Personally, I would like it if the adverts wouldn’t blink or move. That irritates rather qiuckly. But I know this here is very low-keyed compared to other sites.
    And I really understand your need for some money to come in. Webhosting and all related stuff aren’t gratis and free. You need to eat 😉

    So, the next time I order something from Amazon, I will go through your site!

    1. Blinking & moving aren’t half as bad as when they follow you down the page — it’s tantamount to stalking!!!

      1. I know! That is just plain annoying and does nothing but alienating people away from the web site in question.

        That is why I am not going to have banners that follow you around the screen.

  7. Something has to fund Jon’s work, so this is as good as anything. In fact I think it should cover all categories of product sold on Amazon, so as to generate more funds for Jon’s good work.

    1. Jón:
      I agree with Treacleminer. Since I have a broad field of interests, not only Geolgy an volcano related, I would be happy to contribute in a larger scale.
      As for the adds, they don’t bother me by any means.
      And thank you again for the blog and for the posts, everyone of them renewing our curiosity over Icelandic and volcanoes. And thank you for gathering such a good team of readers, who help to enrich the blog’s contents.
      BTW: I don’t think I understood it well – have you already moved to Denmark?

      1. I move to Denmark next week. I am going to switch to a skeleton setup tomorrow or on Wednesday (late). But today my Hvammstangi geophone goes down. But it has been replaced by a new sensor in Hvammstangi. So there should not be any difference in that regards.

  8. I have no problem at all, I’m just very happy with you running this blog and giving volcano/earthquakefile’s the chance to share their thoughts and learning something new.

  9. I think Amazon is splendid for you blog.
    They have knowledge oriented ads, they interact with the sell-page nicely, and on general it creates and keap the integrity of the blog well.
    If anyone complains about this clean and low-key advertisements I would be surprised.
    Thanks for keaping the good taste!

  10. I got a new green light from Google Adsense. So I am going to try and setup new Google Adsense ads up here again. But I am going to have them in minority of ads here. I am going to focus more on Amazon then Google Adsense.

    1. I will buy from the amazon links sometimes because I often use Amazon, but am unlikely to be interested in the Google ones.

  11. I can’t see the Amazon ads when I browser from work because Amazon’s URL is blocked by my company’s firewall.

  12. Good news. I got my first $2.00 from Somebody did buy a ebook from Amazon from a link on my web page. 🙂

    Thanks to that person. However that is. 🙂

    I hope that people like the ad setup as it is now. As this is the best option in my opinion to get all the ads from all the Amazon programs that I currently am in.

    1. Jón:
      You deserve much more than that.
      I’ll check the next time I purchase something through your ads to see if it has worked.

  13. Jon, I think your website is unique and clearly a personal one. I will happily tolerate advertisements on it. It is better for me that the advertisements mean that you can provide your website for free. I also agree that Amazon is a great retailer to be associated with it.

    Best Wishes for your move to Denmark.

    1. My web site is always going to be free. This is more of a way to increase my income so that I can attend more to this web site and this hobby of mine. 🙂

  14. i get excited with the quiet time……
    i think it’s ramping up for a bigger expression.


  15. Since Eyjafjallajökull we have been seeing a sequence of swarms, threat of eruptions, inflating edifices, I think we’ve kind of got spoiled.
    Let us face this as being the default behaviour we should expect from Iceland’s volcanism. Everything above or below it should be considered exceptions.
    So, this is a perfect time to reset our data.

    1. It is in fact un-usually quiet. But this happens sometimes and can last up to three weeks at the time that I know of. The longest quiet period that I have seen so far was about three weeks long.

    2. Well, even with a moment tensor formula that is geared towards Iceland’s crustal material, my plot goes squirrelly.

      I still have to work on that.

      But… on the other hand, I have been ruminating about how to best get a handle on what Grímsvötn is up to, and I’m thinking that if I take the very same quakes that SIL uses to make the accumulated moment plot, present them in a scatter, it might yield some light on what we are waiting for.

      One of the issues, aside from my version not yielding a similar plot, is that the run-up period to the 2004 eruption is stated as 2118 days… yet they clearly state that there was an eruptive period in 1998/1999. 2118 days prior to the 2004 eruption is 3/26/1993.

      Filtering for just the 2118 days for 2004 run-up yields a rather sparse plot… so different from the most recent one that I suspect that it might be erroneous. It is going to take a bit more scrutiny before I am comfortable presenting it.

      But… the post 2004 plot looks pretty nice. There are about 3 or 4 dike like lineaments that could be dikes or just fractures. Jón Frímann or someone more adept at reading the data or who are more well versed in this area can expound upon that.

      Anyway.. here be the plots.

      NOTE: The plot boundaries match those given on the moment tensor plot.

      View North

      View East

      Plan View

      1. Thanks, these plots are my daily thrill! Carl was correct about how we get our kicks here.

      2. Absolutly drool-worthy 🙂

        I always forget how dang large Grimsvötn is.
        To my non-volcanologist eyes that looks like the run up to 2 clearly defined fracture eruptions and yet another one in the build-up.
        I call them up, middle and down on your plain-view. The up is well defined, but with a discontinuation at 13km where it goes less energetic. The middle is clearly defined and ready to go I think. It has it all. And the down looks mostly like something more shallow, like decompressure from the decreasing ice ontop.
        I do not think that the middle one is a dyke per se, yes it is a dyke, but it is most premierely a fissure eruption or a very elongeted crater ready to erupt. I put my money on that one being the one that blows in my beforementioned time-frame. The time-frame being from april to december this year.
        What really amazed me is that it is sooooooo biiiiiig. Judging by size, the ever increasing quake-strengths, and the whale-sized inflation I think this will be a minimum VEI-3.

    1. Nice, nice!
      The next time I need something I definitly will go through your store!
      Will be happy to support you.
      ( mind, it can take a moment – with Xmas and other expenses…. *s*)

      1. I know how it goes. But I would expect that in coming months there would be more business in the stores and trough the ads.

        This is in fact question about taking it easy and to give this time to work.

  16. @Lurking:
    Thanks for the plots.
    In my amateurish point of view, they speak for themselves.
    Looks like Grimsfjall is just waiting for a kick to go. Let’s wait and see what happens by the time the lull is gone.

  17. Jón, you’re doing a great job but I’m glad that I donated last Nov. because I cannot splurge now due to this awful recession.

  18. @ Jon:

    I have a Question im not sure if it’s ok to ask, or if it has been asked already.

    I would love to know why you are moving to Denmark, Is it somehow job related or is Denmark just a more suitable Place to work on a book?

    Why i ask this? Well, if i could i would like to move to Iceland, for a serious amateur Photographer like me, Iceland is one of the most beautiful places. But i on’t really know how life in Iceland work, especialy with the long and dark winters and the short summers – so, how do you get along during that time? i mean, it must not be really that funny with that less daylight in the winter.

    Thanks for you answer.

    1. I think Jón has stated studies as the reason. Many Icelanders go abroad to study because of Iceland being a bit to small to have all the different university programs needed.
      Remember that Iceland has about 600K people.

      1. Oh my! 320 k is about the population of the quarter I live in. Copacabana is three times that much.
        Jón: Do you know a place for rental? I want to move to Iceland! 😉

      2. There is plenty of places in Reykjavík and nearby that you should be able to rent. Iceland had a huge housing bubble and there are a lot of empty houses in the capital area.

        But it is not cheap to live in Iceland.

    2. @ Stefan, It is more of a social thing. As I did spend a lot of time a lone where I currently live. That is not healthy at all. I don’t have a job now. But I might try to get one in Denmark. But that remains to be seen (don’t worry. I am on social benefits due to my aspegers syndrome so I have income) if I get one in Denmark.

      I also think that moving to Denmark is going to be better for me to work on a book.

      You can move to Iceland, I don’t think that is going to be a problem. It is most easy for people coming from EEA/EU+Switzerland countries. But it is harder for people coming from countries outside of EEA/EU.

      The job market here in Iceland is hard and it might be really complicated to get a job today in Iceland. As most companies continue to downsize and fire people.

      To start with, you should trave to Iceland to see how it feels for you.

      In winters you get daylight from 10:30 to 15:30 (or about) when there is the most darkness. In the summer there is no darkness from around 20th of May and to 1st of August.

  19. The deep Krisuvik quakes are promising, but weekish.
    I do not have the Sigrún da Volcanologist links on this computer, so I cannot check how the inflations going, if anyone have her links for Krisuvik please post them so I can add them, cause I am gone from home the rest of the week.

      1. Still some slow inflation in Krysuvik.. and another new quake Tuesday
        25.01.2011 11:57:24 63.925 -21.983 7.7 km 2.0 90.04 5.8 km NE of Krýsuvík

        Anyone noticed the fast inflation in Aust.. it’s in Myrdallsjokull right>?


      2. That has been noticed yes, but since the data stops at 22 November there is an uncertainty about the current situation. But yes this has been the thing why Katla is so feared.

        Krysuvik inflation seems to be ongoing and the last 2 weeks it has increased a little.

  20. Perfectly fine by me, your blog is well worth adverts, and thanks again for the service you provide, it is very educational and informative for me.

  21. Thank you very much for your Reply to my answer. Actually I’ve allready been three times in Iceland, but only during summer and only for a few weeks. I think in this times it might be difficult to get a job, regardless of where you live.

    I’m currently still studing graphic design and i’ve tried to get a new employer because i don’t get the education i need from my employer, but the job siutation isn’t that good after all, and for know – i take it as is, finish the education and then try to get into a advertising agency. perhaps as photographer or specialist in image editing, that would make me really happy 😉

    but as for you, i will google for the aspergers syndrom, i think i’ve heard of it once or twice, but i don’t actually know what it exactely is or what it might mean for you.

    At last, i think i must admit something, im planning a 4 week long trekking tour for the summer 2012. starting with the Laugavegur in Thorsmork, from Landmannalaugar to Eldgja, from there around Lángisjór and back north of Myrdalsjökull to Thorsmork. If i walk 15 KM a day, i would have 18 days for the 270KM, so 4 weeks should be a good timeframe for this kind of tour 🙂

    Im an Iceland Addict – but the thing about addictions is, there is a part that you like very much, and an other part you would rather not know.

  22. I have ordered an item from Amazon via your link, so lets hope it works OK and gets you some commision.

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