People feelings about the advertisements ?

As a web site owner. I want to know what my readers feel about the advertisement plan that I am putting up here.

The reason that I ask is because I think critical and I want to know if this annoys anyone or not, or if that I am going to far with this or not. My plan from the start has been that to keep the advertisement integrated into the blog so it doesn’t annoy my readers in any way. I also want criticism if there is one on this plan that I have.

I just got approved for Amazon Deutschland (DE) Associates program. So I have started to add some small advertisement from them too on to the blog sidebar. I am going to setup the aStore tomorrow if I have the time.

I also want to thank people for the support and for reading my blog. ūüôā

(I also use the quiet time for this, as there is nothing happening in earthquakes and volcanoes in Iceland at the moment)

Wave form picture of the ML2.5 earthquake in the South Icelandic Seismic Zone (SISZ)

Here is a wave form picture of the ML2.5 earthquake that took place west of Hekla volcano. This earthquake is part of the the SISZ. Not Hekla volcano. But it remains to be seen if this is related to Hekla volcano, but Hekla volcano location appears to have some effect on SISZ. Normally during or after a eruption in Hekla volcano it is followed by a small swarms of earthquakes in SISZ. In the year 1878 there was a eruption in Hekla volcano that was pre-seeded by large earthquakes in SISZ. The eruption that followed was a fissure eruption near a peak named Krakatindur. This area also erupted in the year 1913, but that time on two new fissures.

The wave form data. This picture is released under CC licence, see the legal section for more information.

I was going to setup the location and distance data. But IMO has not released that data at present time.

Historical accounts of Hekla eruptions (Icelandic). GVP information on Hekla volcano.