Update on Advertisement

Here is a little update on advertisement for this web site. I have removed all the Google Adsense advertisements due to difficulties in changing my home address with them. But Google sets up a technical barrier when it comes to move address on the fact that Iceland and Denmark don’t use the same currency (yea, just silly. But I am considering forwarding this issue to the EU Commission as this is against EU law far as I can tell). I was also unable to setup a new account with my new home address due some rather odd message from Google Adsense.

As people did notice I was testing out Adbrite advertisements. But as it turns out there was some bad behaviour going on there that I as a web site owner do not approve of. So they got removed. But they where also not placing ads on this web site for unknown reasons.

Because of all this I have switched back to Amazon ads. Due to the fact that most of visitors on this web site come from Europe I am going to display ads from Amazon UK and Amazon DE (in process). For others the web store is good place for people to look for volcano related stuff to buy. The Web Store is currently work in progress, but U.S and Canada is going to be added soon on that web site.

I hope that people show me understanding in regards to this issue.