Earthquake detection and winter storms

In the last two days there have been a strong winter storm going over Iceland. The wind has been coming from the north with snow and cold weather. But this has also been followed by a strong wind all over Iceland and this strong wind has been preventing the SIL network from detecting micro-earthquakes in Iceland. Because of that it appears that Iceland has been unusually quiet on Iceland Met Office maps. This might not necessary be the case in reality. But due to a lot of wind noise the SIL network is unable to detect the smallest earthquakes that happen in Iceland. Some stronger earthquakes might appear on the SIL network if they take place.

So the quiet time in Iceland is down to weather, not something else. As the weather improves we should start to see micro-earthquakes again on Icelandic Met Office maps. It is always a good idea to check the weather forecast in Iceland if there is a sudden drop in earthquakes in Iceland.

Note 1: There are sometimes times however in Iceland when there is nothing wrong with the weather and yet still no earthquakes. What is going on there is simple, there are no earthquakes taking place in Iceland. This happens sometimes. But this is a rare, but it does sometime happen.