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  1. Merry Christmas from one of probably numerous lurkers on this blog. I’m a palaeontologist with a geology background, but I’m learning more about volcanic seismicity here than I ever did at university…
    Have a wonderful well-deserved break, but I’ll be looking forward to you all coming back again afterwards. 🙂

  2. @Jón and al: Thank you guys and girls for the excellency and high level of interest and knowledge you provide for us amateurs and the opportunity you give us to place our thoughts and to patiently answer to our questions.
    Jón: Wish you all the best with your plans and projects. May the new year bring us fireworks and excitement from the beautiful volcanoes and no hazard for the Icelandic people. I must confess I would love to see a majestic return of Lady E exhibiting her gala jewelry!!!!
    Kudos to Jón!

  3. To Jón and everyone (but Renato) – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Renato – Feliz Natal e um Feliz Ano Novo!

  4. Also from Germany a Merry Christmas @all and thanks to Jón for this great Blog and all what he is sharing here with us.

  5. I wish you all the best, Merry Christmas and a lovely day with your friends, family and relatives.

    Greetings form Switzerland

  6. Óska ykkur gleðilegra jóla, farsældar og friðar á komandi ári.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas, prosperity and peace in the coming year.

    These were taking their yearly christmas bath at lake Mývatn this morning, -8°C
    better keep the hat on 😉

  7. Nice one, Raving ; )
    Kultsi, something has happened to my sound here, I can see lovely pictures but hear nothing – : ( (The Mac guys have been messing with the machine, now I have to take it back!!)
    @ All, Peaceful days and nights, lots of warmth and happiness, Merry Christmas, and the best for 2011, in volcano land and at home.

  8. Merry Christmas.

    And I hope the holidays find you well, at least more well that the really odd dream about the alligator and the physical readiness test that I had last night. Why anyone would involve an alligator in a military physical performance test is beyond me… but there he was. We just stood there looking at the alligator asking the guy running the test “you’re kidding right?”

    Dreams can be so entertaining…

    1. Alligator totem:

      “The Alligator has walked on Earth mother for millions of years and is known in many myths and lore as the keepers of ancient wisdom. Alligators hide themselves in water and mud waiting for unsuspecting creatures to happen by, and then snap. They eat any animal they can swallow and if they cant swallow it; they tear it into bite size pieces.”

      More info: http://www.petandwildlife.com/animal-totems/alligator-totem.html

    2. Should not venture into analysing dreams (lousy interpreter) but here goes. According to Icelandic (dream)folklore to dream an alligator indicates that someone will abuse your kindness, that person enjoys being felt sorry for and is a liar. I think you already know who that person (a female) is and you have already figured out “the game”.

      1. Oddly enough, that does somewhat fits.

        Either that or a cold read. Speaking of cold… how did alligators become part of Icelandic dream folklore? Does this put the origin of folklore sometime after the Southern US was discovered? Or was there a link (in the knowledge of) with the Nile crocodile?

        These historical vikings… they did get around y a know.

        (not being trite, they were literally all over the place)

      2. You do remember we did read books and we sailed.

        ‘Gators in Australia too, mate 😉 they can’t always take all the credit

  9. Merry Christmas to all : Ironically listening to \A Smokey Mountain Christmas\ on
    the CD player as I write- Appalachian music and insturments- particularly Violin and
    dulcimer which brings back fond memories of my Cherokee Grandma…

  10. Merry Christmas to all you people over the world, from a snowed-in Switzerland.
    A year ago I didn’t know anything about these volcano-blogs, didn’t know there was a group of people with such an open attitude, a love for learning and sharing and supportive to those who know less. Helpfull, entertaining, sharing ( oft more as ” only” volcano stuff!)
    I want to say thank you to you all and especcially to Jon for providing this place.

    This place, together with EB, has made me feel more at home as I thought possible.

  11. Happy holidays to all. Thank you all for all the information. Keep up the good work. If I had a million bucks or euros or whatever, I would send Jon a big pile of cash to help him along!!!!

    Peace to everyone!!

  12. Puh…
    I survived christmas… (for those of you who didn’t understand that, in scandinavia we celebrate christmas on christmas eve, not christmas day).
    How on earth can 40 people eat a moose, a pig and a sheep, and all the whatnots?

    I wont eat for a week I think…

    A very merry Christmas for those of you having the (hm) fun left 🙂

    1. Cannot imagine how you Scandinavians eat so much and still look so marvelous!
      All of that animal protein would probably land me in the ER with a gall bladder attack. May the gods bless you in 2011 and by all means, carry on!

      1. New York’s Manhattan is more of a “walking city”, L.A. is not. Sorry that happened to you Carl but I’ve heard similar stories to your’s. 10 miles is very impressive, I do 1.5 to 2 miles per day but I’m still “zaftig”. Time to up the miles!

  13. For those who are taking a break from christmas or are burping it off like me, it is a nice little quake-tremor thingy going on at Grimsjöll.
    So far just one steady 2.0, but it seems to have shaken up something, perhaps a gas-release episode because it has a nice tremor-pattern that is very interesting. But it is to early to tell if it is anything. Hope that Jón has it recorded.


  14. Wishing everyone a jolly good Yule & a very merry Christmas!
    Thanks to all here (volcanologists, physicists, photographers & the master of plots) who continue to give of their precious time to educate us laymen. May 2011 bring everyone all that is wonderful!

    1. By golly, those are just gorgeous! Emailed the last one to a friend.
      That Christmas tree shimmers, optical illusion I think?

  15. I’ve been reading this blog for about a month now, and it has become my new favorite internet activity. Because my education is humanities based, there’s a lot I don’t understand, but I am very much enjoying the learning experience, and have been won over by the intelligence, candor, wit and patience of the posters.

    Many thanks to Jón Frímman and the others for sharing their time and expertise with the rest of us. Happy Holidays to all from the heart of North America where we too are enjoying a white Christmas this year!

    @Lurking — Love the new plot!

  16. A very safe and Happy Holiday season to all who post and all who lurk here in this wonderful blog. Please, if you can offer a prayer for the 2 fallen firefighters from Chicago and their familes it would be greatly appreciated. Our fire dept family is not celebrating this Christmas, as we hold their families close and prepare to bury our fallen brothers.

    1. “Greater love hath no man than he lay down his life for his brother.”
      Give my condolences to those in need.

  17. Have been following this blog since October. Thanks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 62 degrees Winter Springs, Florida.

  18. A new intensive swarm has started in Krisuvik!

    25.12.2010 18:06:46 63.946 -22.049 9.3 km 1.6 30.09 6.0 km E of Keilir
    25.12.2010 18:01:03 63.958 -22.043 9.9 km 1.3 48.02 6.6 km ENE of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:59:43 63.926 -22.035 9.1 km 1.5 31.87 4.5 km NNE of Krýsuvík
    25.12.2010 17:59:19 63.974 -21.971 9.3 km 1.6 40.72 7.1 km SW of Helgafell
    25.12.2010 17:59:18 64.033 -22.046 14.1 km 1.5 90.02 0.9 km S of Straumsvík
    25.12.2010 17:57:32 63.980 -21.781 1.1 km 1.7 44.87 4.8 km SE of Helgafell
    25.12.2010 17:57:30 63.949 -22.057 11.3 km 1.5 90.01 5.7 km E of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:56:15 63.954 -22.045 8.9 km 1.5 50.83 6.4 km ENE of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:44:42 63.944 -22.036 8.8 km 1.4 90.01 6.5 km NNE of Krýsuvík
    25.12.2010 17:39:21 63.971 -21.987 7.5 km 1.6 90.01 7.9 km WSW of Helgafell
    25.12.2010 17:39:20 63.870 -22.056 2.7 km 1.5 40.59 2.0 km SSE of Krýsuvík
    25.12.2010 17:24:16 63.948 -22.042 8.9 km 1.0 51.15 6.4 km E of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:24:01 63.941 -22.047 10.0 km 1.1 52.75 6.0 km N of Krýsuvík
    25.12.2010 17:23:41 63.943 -22.044 9.5 km 1.1 90.01 6.3 km E of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:14:30 63.955 -22.049 10.7 km 1.1 76.28 6.2 km ENE of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:10:43 63.973 -22.052 12.0 km 1.4 90.01 6.8 km ENE of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:07:59 63.956 -22.039 8.8 km 1.4 36.97 6.7 km ENE of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:07:10 63.964 -22.030 8.8 km 1.9 90.03 7.4 km ENE of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:03:54 63.947 -22.049 9.5 km 3.0 90.04 6.0 km E of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:02:15 63.951 -22.050 6.8 km 1.5 90.01 6.1 km E of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:02:00 63.957 -22.044 8.5 km 1.2 36.33 6.5 km ENE of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:01:32 63.946 -22.045 10.1 km 1.4 82.93 6.2 km E of Keilir
    25.12.2010 17:01:06 63.939 -22.047 8.1 km 1.2 81.64 5.8 km N of Krýsuvík
    25.12.2010 16:57:44 63.950 -22.039 8.3 km 1.9 61.85 6.6 km E of Keilir
    25.12.2010 16:57:27 63.941 -21.950 1.1 km 2.4 90.01 8.2 km NE of Krýsuvík
    25.12.2010 16:57:27 63.961 -22.054 9.0 km 2.3 90.04 6.2 km ENE of Keilir

  19. There is a storm coming over Iceland early tonight. It has already started in South-Iceland. They are expecting heavy rain soon in all over Iceland. With that this is going to create mud flows of volcano ash from Eyjafjallajökull. At least that is what they expect.

    Then there was a minor earthquake swarm in Krísuvík. I am going to write about that on Monday.

    1. There’s a major storm raging in east coast of USA. It will very likely arrive at Iceland within a week and at Europe 1-2 weeks from now.

      1. Yep. it’s real bad. I’ve been shoveling snow all night. The total accumulation on my terrace was close to 3 feet high.

      2. Dunno. The CMC model shows it pulling up to a dead stop south of Greenland as a blocking high develops over Europe and E. Greenland. At that point it looks to spin down a bit and think about sliding NW…. furtively. More like two lobes of the low circle each other and one gives up the ghost.

        But… that’s a model output at 120 hours. It could just as likely turn into a daffodil and go prancing across the meadow.

  20. First from lurking in the background of Eruption @ Scienceblog,
    then to Eruption @ Big Think, and now forking over to your cool
    Iceland Volcano and Earthquake Blog too…. Jón Frímann I’d just
    like to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Christmas
    and all the best with all your plans through the New Year 2011.
    Thank-you for this great learning experience you present online
    about this facinating country of Iceland. Will continue following
    with much interest! (all you on-the-page bloggers are amazing too!
    thank-you, for like Eruptions, you generate this really cool
    ambiance where people with all levels of geo-abilities can learn
    and come to! )

  21. Merry Christmas Jon and all

    Thank you for all the wonderful Icelandic memories of Lady Eyaf in all her glory

  22. Eruptions still out of commission @ 9:30 EST or here at 5:30 western US.
    Hope everyone had a festive time for Chirstmas

  23. This often happens on long holidays. I don’t know why, but when ever a holiday comes a long the server goes on one too. But I am anyway keeping a sharp eye on my web site to make sure that it doesn’t happen. I have had enough downtime already this year.

    I also thankfully have finished upgrading my Gentoo Linux box (home computer and home server) up to a new linux kernel of version and a new nvidia driver. I see improvements in speed.

  24. renee says:
    December 25, 2010 at 16:48
    Sorry to hear that renee, missed it yesterday. I’m a former Aerial Firefighter and know a lot of people in the Wildland arena , any Fire fighting is dangerous business. if one gets up in the morning with the : \ it can’t happen to me\ attitude is simply kidding themselves. Prayers to the families.

  25. I think that 3.0 at Krisuvik was really close to start something.
    The trace shadow quakes on the helicorders looked to my untrained (compared to Jóns) eyes as they where “wet”, but Jón has a really much better resolution at his hands than we do. And then directly after the 3,0 the energy levels on the Krisuvik tremor plot set a new record for the time since I started watching it back in april.
    I have noticed that the tremor spikes higher and higher for every new quake-swarm, and if that trend continues we could be seeing some kind of event sooner than we think.

    I don’t really know how much more it will take, but give it another 10 quake swarms with a few 3,0s in them and we will probably know better what and when to expect. Because if the curves of the increase in tremor-energy levels keap on escalating we will by then see levels hitting up towards 7000 on average over all the frequencies.

    I have 2 questions that I have no answers for;
    1. Is there enough magma inflated into the system yet?
    2. What is the limit for what the system can take before it breaks open?

    On 1 we simply do not know, or even have a reference for since the volcano haven’t erupted so we can compare measurements. On 2 I think it will have a fearly low limit before breaking due to thin crust and a high level of existing fractures. Ie, I do not think it will take many more quake swarms and or a high level of tremor (below 7000) before something happens.
    Bad thing is that I do not even think it requires it to be a “normal” eruption (Eyja style). What I want to say is that even if the magma is to low for it to erupt, it can still fracture badly enough for the Kleifarvatn to start running down into the smaller amount of magma that we do know exists there.

    1. This swarm is indeed interesting. Jón wanted to write a posting about it.
      The problem with the last 24 hours is only the storm, which made so much noise, that it quenched all the seismometers.

      1. Yeah, I am sitting here waiting for “the word” 🙂
        You guys should really go out and beat up those storms so they wont disturb so much 😉
        But it was indeed a really interesting little quake-swarm. It also seems (to early to tell) that the swarms get a bit further apart, but are stronger. But that might really just be statistical conjecture on my part (fancy way of saying being mistaken).

  26. And also we have two odd quakes happening up close to Kaldarsel (those that mean the same as I think it does?) tremor-station. And 3 quakes on the other side of the lake. I know that the Kaldarsel and the Krisuvik quake are totally unrelated, I just noticed Kaldarsel having quakes.
    But the quakes on the other side of Kleifarvatn might be a sign of an impending fracture under the lake opening up. Remember that the Krisuvik volcano transects the lake. (in my darker moments I wonder about that lake being a subsidisation…

  27. And… yes, it meant what I thought it meant. Icelandic is both a poetic and humorous language. Someone must have been freezing their arse off at Kaldarsel, the placename in english is Cold Arse.

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