Sadly, no new geophone station at Thorgrimsstadir today

Due to technical and space issues. I am not going to setup a new geophone station at Thorgrimsstadir today. Currently I am looking for a new location for the new geophone station in the area of Hvammstangi with the people I know that might be interested in housing this type of hardware.

I however hope to get a geophone station at Thorgrimsstadir up and running in about one year time or so. At least I hope so.

A ML3.9 earthquakes happens close to Grímey Island

According to the automatic SIL system that IMO runs there was a ML3.9 magnitude earthquake about 18.3 km north of the island Grímsey, this earthquake happened at 09:00 UTC. The automatic depth was 14.7 km. This numbers are expected to be changed as the earthquake get reviewed by seismologist at Icelandic Met Office.

No damage is expected from this earthquake. But there is a good chance that it might have been felt in Grímsey Island.

A new geophone station added to the webicorder web page

I have added a new geophone station to the webicorder web page. The station name is Þorgrímsstaðir (Thorgrimsstadir). Tomorrow the station is going to it’s correct location. But for the next few hours I am going to run it at home for some testing and set-up proposes. At current time it does not have a GPS clock, so I won’t use the data from it until I have a GPS clock to get both location and time with atom accuracy.

This station is going to replace the Hvammstangi geophone in February 2011. But until Hvammstangi geophone goes off-line I am going to have both station online.