Earthquakes in eastern part of Katla volcano (Mýrdalsjökull)

Last week something interesting started to happen in Katla volcano last week (Week 45). Earthquakes started to appear in the eastern part of the Katla volcano. This is higly unusual and is not the normal earthquake zone in Katla volcano. But normally the earthquakes take place in the western part of the Katla volcano (Goðabungu area) and few earthquakes take place in the caldera it self at regularly.

At 00:45 UTC there was a earthquake in eastern Katla volcano, the automatic SIL size of this earthquake was ML2,5 at the depth of 1,1Km (with a good quality of 90,05). Both figures are subject to a revision by a seismologist at later time, so both size and depth can change. I did manage to record this earthquake on my Hekla geophone, even if there currently is rather high wind noise at my geophone. What I did see on my geophone is interesting. But the earthquake appears to have low frequency component in it, even if it is mostly high-frequency type of earthquake. But those earthquakes are normally created by a fault in the crust, not by magma movement.

I need more data to confirm it. But there are clues that the earthquakes in eastern Katla volcano are due to magma movement, rather then tension changes in the crust not related to magma movement. What is happening there is unclear at the moment, as GPS stations around Katla volcano do not show anything interesting at the moment.

No eruption is imminent in Katla volcano at current time.