Advertising policy

I have decided to place advertisements on this blog. I am just going to go with Google Adsense and Amazon ads. I am going to keep the ads as few I can. Since I generally don’t like ads that much. But like everyone else I need to eat and buy useless stuff from the internet. This will also help be building my own seismometer network in Iceland. For that I need money and I apparently can get money from letting Google and Amazon display ads on my blog.

I have also dedicated to put ads on my earthquake helicorders web pages. But that is going to require a little more thinking on how to do it smoothly and without annoying the users of my earthquake monitoring web pages. That is also going to help me to build a earthquake monitoring network in Iceland with time.

There is also going to be a option for donating money to me and my work if people want. But I am unsure when I finish setting that option up. But there are few weeks until that happens at least.

I am thinking this a similar format as Universe Today uses (but less annoying) and also uses today.

With this blog post on this matter I wanted to give my readers a heads up on what is coming in regards to changes to my blog and my earthquake monitoring web pages. I am going to start applying this next weekend I hope. I am unsure at this time how long time it is going to take me to fully implement this, it depends on the problem that I might challenge me on the way to implement this.

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