Glacier flood from Grímsvötn has peaked, harmonic tremors continue

According to news the glacier flood from Grímsvötn has peaked and is already dropping down. So far there has not been any volcano eruption. But harmonic tremor is still ongoing in Grímsfjall volcano and does not show any signs of stopping. But this harmonic tremor appears to be a bit fluctuating for some unknown reason.

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Hlaupið að minnka (Rú
Vísindamenn í könnunarflugi (Ví – Has video)
Hlaupið hefur náð hámarki ( – Has video)

No signs of a eruption at Grímsfjall volcano, harmonic tremors continue

Since 02:30 UTC on the 3rd of November 2010 there has been constant harmonic tremor in Grímsfjall volcano. It is currently unclear why harmonic tremors are happening at Grímsfjall volcano. But there have been some ideas that this might be because a small eruption has started at Grímsfjall volcano.

According to news from few moments ago (around 14:00 UTC) there are no signs of a eruption at Grímsfjall volcano at present time. But harmonic tremors continue at this moment like they have been doing since 02:30 UTC last night.

The possible reason why the scientists don’t see any signs of a eruption is because none are visible on the glacier at the moment. But until something appears on surface what is going on in Grímsfjall it is going to remain unclear what is going on at the volcano.

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Hlaup og órói í Grímsfjalli (Rú
Engin merki um gos (Rú
Gos gæti verið hafið (Ví
Könnunarflug yfir Grímsvötn: Engin merki um gos (Ví
Vísindamenn fljúga yfir Grímsvötn (
Engin ummerki um eldsumbrot (

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New eruption could be looming in Iceland, experts warn (AFP)

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