More videos of Eyjafjallajökull eruption

While the quiet times are happening in Iceland with nothing special going on. It is good to view the videos of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption earlier this year.

The glacier flood at the start of the second phase of the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull.

Video of the early start of eruption in Eyjafjallajökull 2010.

The flooded area following the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull.

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  1. Stunnig, indeed, Jón. The first footage was taken In Gigjökull, I suppose? Hope we don’t see that happen again in Vatnajökull. Many thanks.

  2. Thanks, Jon, for bringing it all back………..
    And Lurking…….. Thanks for Your plots…… they really help to see what’s going on.

  3. There is a significant swarm at Tjornes fracture zone. It’s happening just after a M 4.6 hit near Kobeinsky Ridge, in Norwegian waters. Any relation?

  4. Swarm, yes, but that tends to go on there quite a bit. The 4.6 is further away from Jan Mayen than Jan Mayen is from the Tjornes FZ. In fact, the entire Jan Mayen micro plate/continent is between the two. (it’s supposed to be submerged continental crust from what I’ve read) However, it’s also welded to the Eurasian plate. It’s sort of like having a glass of water sitting on the corner of a ping-pong table and somebody bumps the other corner.

    Connected, but only in a large scale sort of way. Tjornes is always noisy if not unstable… but “unstable” has certain geologic connotations and I am not trying to infer that it’s an official sort of determination. Just some guy sitting in Florida looking at a plot.

    My concern would be that the 4.6 is on the edge of the continental shelf for Norway. Just 120 km to the East is the scarp from an old submarine landslide (not the Storegga Slide) Did this shake something loose or is that what we heard?

  5. Seems like they have put the sensor beneath a lunch restaurant. 🙂 It only occurs around noon each working day.

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