Grímsfjall continues to inflate

According to GPS data from GPS station located on top of Grímsfjall the volcano continues to inflate. Now it is about 80mm and does not seems to go much higher then that for some reason. Since Grímsfjall has stopped to inflate up at the moment it is currently inflating in other directions. The automatic GPS data clearly shows that the inflation is now moving south but is interestingly is holding it east-west movement. I am not clear on why that is the case at the moment.


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  1. Dumb question, but… these GPS stations *are* on solid rock, I presume? Not on the icecap…?

    1. @Fireman: So little seems to be understood about these mechanisms, at least for as long as I’ve been trying to understand them, that I don’t think any questions should be considered “dumb” at this point. In my very amateurish view, there’s a very fluid mass (dike?) being pushed from beneath, which has no strength to overcome gravity and continue its upward lifting and, therefore, starts to “pour” laterally. Whether glacial rebound has played a significant role over this process, I don’t know, but whatever forces were involved, they seemed to have ceased. Question is: we need extra strength to reach an eruption level, or else it will just stay like this. Could infiltrating water provide this further push?

    1. @Renato Rio, This is just human made noise on both my geophones. I am the reason for the noise at Hvammstangi geophone and the people how own the summerhouse close to Hekla are responsible for the noise there.

    1. @Henry, The GPS data at Grímsfjall shows that it is not back to normal. Instead of moving upwards it has now started to move fast to the south and east direction. It is continues to inflate, just in a different direction.

  2. Grímsfjall now seems to be deflating as fast as it was inflating a couple of days ago. What does this mean? What do you think happened over the last couple of days?

  3. @Alison UK, It short is not. The only change is instead of going up it is now inflating to the south. It can be clearly be seen on the GPS data.

  4. So, likely it may be the Bardarbunga system, that is inflating, not Grimsfjäll itself…?

      1. @Jon,

        Bardarbunga keeps rocking, while Grimsfjäll seems to sleep… I know, it is only an impression!. So, let’s wait and see, she’ll start her dance sooner or later…

  5. Obviously Grimsfjall has something in store but is keeping in under wraps yet. Has a agenda all of its own.

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